About Us

Company Profile

APLUS Education would like to extend warm welcomes to all students, parents, colleagues and friends. The founders of APLUS Education are enthusiastic education professionals who believe in quality education embraces a brighter future in human living. Our mission emphases on encouraging and nurturing children and young adults to achieve their personal best through acquisition and application of knowledge. This is closely tailored to APLUS Family Benefit to strengthen students’ overall soft skills including communication, critical thinking, team building, time management and more.

Our CBD campus offers spacious classrooms and comprehensive academic resources for our students. We are specialist in individual subjects’ coaching in VCE and University. We have also been offering professional coaching for English tests such as PTE and IELTS. All courses that we provide are using our own curriculum and student workbooks.

General Excellence is what APLUS Education has been delivering. For many years, APLUS Education has been facilitating students into prestigious universities in Australia. We are very proud to take part in shaping our alumni to transform into high achievers who continued to flourish in their university study and in workplace.

Professional Team

Academic Department at Aplus Education is led by Mr Scott Wong and his experienced and dedicated team. Scott has more than 20 years of experience in fostering high achievers as a senior high school coordinator. His is a former member of the examiner panel and a workshop leader at the curriculum development program.

At Aplus Education, Scott and his team has developed its own exclusive and unique curriculum programs that support students with their study in high school, university and also English test. Teaching approach at Aplus Education is to engage with students from individuals to small groups throughout classroom exercise.

Mr. Scott WONG


Educational History:
• Postgraduate Certificate of Education
• Master of Science (Mathematics)
• Bachelor of Science (Honors)

Teaching experience and feature:
• Specialized in FM, MM, SM
• Over 20 years teaching experience (Senior high level)
• Head of Mathematics Department
• Head of Academic Committee

Ms. Fiona FONG

Head of Learning and Curriculum Development

Fiona loves English literature as much as she loves teaching. She enjoys inspiring and helping students in her years of high school teaching experience. She pays attentions to individual student and helps them gain confidence in achieving higher grades.
Fiona is also specialized in developing curriculum and learning materials that are exclusively offered to our students. She attends regular professional development and seminars to ensure the quality teaching at APLUS Education.

Educational History:
• Master of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
• Bachelor of Arts (English Language and Literature)

Teaching experience and feature:
• Specialised in EAL, General English, PTE, IELTS

Mr. Patrick XU

Head of Physics

Patrick has been tutoring different type of VCE students for many years. He adjusts his teaching approach according to different students’ needs. He prepares very detail revision summary and relevant exercise for students before examinations.

Educational history:
• Master of Engineering (Mechatronic)
• Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)

Teaching experience and feature:
• Specialised in Physics, SM, MM

Ms. Yiwen TIAN

Head of Mathematics

Yvonne portraits the best combination of a passionate high school teacher and a gifted mathematician. She strives to switch on students learn-how-to-learn mode instead of simply giving you more homework to do.

Educational history:
• Master of Secondary Teaching
• Bachelor of Commerce (Actuarial Studies)

Teaching experience and feature:
• Specialised in SM, MM, FM

Ms. Amber LI

Head of Biology/Chemistry

Amber was a humble and top achiever back in university. For the years that she has been teaching in high school, she has been one of the favourite teachers voted by the students.

Educational history:
• Master of Teaching
• Bachelor of Biomedicine (with Honours)

Teaching experience and feature:
• Specialised in Chemistry, Biology, Science

Ms. Candice TIAN

Senior Tutor

Educational history:
• Master of Professional Accounting

Teaching experience and feature:
• many years work experience as a accountant



1When will be the best time to start tutoring EAL?
Year 11 is the best time to start preparing for Year 12. Students will need to strengthen their writing and reading skills by expanding vocabulary and improving grammars. It is essential to generate student’s own writing style. Another vital matter to be noticed is the new-added listening session in final exam. Listening requires long-term accumulation and practice. It is important for international students to strengthen their listening in Year 11 and 12 to compete with local students in final exams.
2What’s the minimum score I need to achieve in EAL to get into top universities?
University of Melbourne and Monash University both require a minimum score of 30 in EAL for most of its popular course whereas some specific course requires 35+.